FROM THE BOOKSHELF: Study Hacks by Jane Genovese

Jane is an educator whose passion is helping people learn how to learn. Her latest book, Study Hacks, is dedicated to teaching young people practical strategies to study more effectively. It’s chockfull of tips and tricks on everything from how to read analytically to how to nap properly. 

"Forget the idea of reading your books over and over again or highlighting entire paragraphs of information. Old-fashioned study methods are painful, boring and not very effective. There is a better way. This book will show you how."



  • Jane already had a trusted brand with books and study resources available; this book design needed to upgrade her brand image without straying too far from her previous style.
  • Study Hacks is unique, in that it’s target readers and target purchasers are not the same. It was important that the book cover appeal to the readers (teenagers) and the purchasers (parents and teachers).
  • It was also important that it remain gender neutral, and appeal to “reluctant readers”. 


Initial Drafts



An illustrated flat lay of a desk, featuring tools mentioned in the book.

Almost perfect, but not quite perfect.


A traditional composition notebook design that emphasized the fact that this book is a tool, but had enough style (including some retro appeal) to give it a fun look.

Almost too... plain.


Explosive new ideas need an equally punchy look.

Well received for it’s “cool factor” but ultimately it didn’t say enough about the content inside.


The final design