5 Steps to the perfect book

The process will vary depending on the specifics of your book, and whether you need design work or assistance with the entire publishing process, but each project will always involve the following steps.


1. Contact me!
Let me know what you need help with and I’ll get back to you quickly with a quote and a spot in my schedule. Click here to get started.

2. Coffee Date
We’ll have a virtual coffee date — with real coffee*. We’ll connect via video call to discuss your project in detail; I want to hear all about your book, including some personal facts like what inspires you to write. We’ll talk about the creative ideas you have for your book (if you don’t have any yet, that’s okay!), what design styles and trends you like, and where your book fits into the current market. This will ensure we’re on the same page, and that I have an arsenal of information to start the development process. We’ll also use this time to hammer out the less glamorous business details — the timeline, the contract, and any other technicalities.

Your first payment (50% of the total) is due at this time.

*Coffee fuels me, but you can have the beverage of your choice; I’ll send you an online gift certificate for Starbucks with your meeting reminder 24 hours before our date.

3. Creation
After our coffee date, I will dive into a frenzy of research and development. I may follow up with a few more questions, but in general this time I am focused on reading your book and developing concepts.
On an agreed upon date, you’ll receive the first drafts of your book (usually three different concepts), along with a helpful design critique worksheet to walk you through a thoughtful evaluation.

4. Corrections
This is where the back and forth begins. We’ll discuss what worked and what didn’t work in the first concepts and choose one direction to proceed with. I’ll hone the details and rework it until it’s perfect. If I am designing the interior I recommend having it proofread at this time so I can input any final changes to the text. Each book will receive up to three rounds of revisions, additional revisions will be available at an agreed upon cost.

The remaining 50% of your bill is due at this time.

5. Celebrate
You’ll receive the print-ready files, or I will submit your book to be printed if you’ve purchased the Publishing Package.



I’m also available to work via Reedsy!