Self publishing doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

You’re going to be wearing a lot of hats in this process: writer, publisher, publicist, salesperson… The sales and marketing side will be infinitely easier for you if you have a professional product to offer, that’s where I come in. I can help guide your book from manuscript to final product, ensuring you have a top quality book to sell.


This extensive package includes:

  • Connecting you to to editors (if you need them)*
  • Designing your cover
  • Typesetting your book
  • Helping you choose the right print service
  • Uploading the files directly to your print service
  • Creating a launch calendar to help guide your book release
  • Creating marketing graphics to help sell your final product (social media graphics, and a launch invitation, poster, or bookmark design)
  • Being on-call to help you navigate the world of print and publishing


*Please note the cost of editing is not covered in this package fee.